Who We Are

We are one of the top companies whose aim is to push the level of technology through intelligent and useful inventions. These designs help people who work from home and those who rely on high-quality software that simplifies their job. We also create tools that can turn an average PC into a machine that will get the job done. Our tools are there to assist you in your business, whether it is 3D design or web development. We update our software on regular basis to keep up with the technological advancement in the field.

Our Services

Our Company strives to create advancements in the technology and thus we develop, test and cooperate on the projects that will create breakthroughs in internet technology. Our services range from projects that we undertake alone to projects on which we collaborate with several other entities.

Working without proper tools and software can be tiring, and many people find that no existing tool can help them boost their efficiency. This is why we take on requests for development and upgrade of the tools. If a client has an idea about a tool, then they can approach us, and we will start working on it. Some entities find that existing tools aren’t advanced enough and they approach us with a request to upgrade them. We accept demands, in both cases, as long as the paperwork is right. We don’t want to work on an update of software whose owner doesn’t know about it.

Technology represents the conversion of ideas into innovations that make our life easier. Development of those changes is a long process, and the success rate isn’t as high as some might think. You can find several of our tools on this page as they are the proof that there is room for improvement even though some might think otherwise. We aren’t just developers; we are also distributors of tools and software. We don’t just offer our tech, our offer containers tech from other developers who we deem as reputable. You will find only the best tech on our site.

Any company that is interested in cooperation in development and testing of a tool or software can approach us as we are open for this type of business. We are also willing to take on testing and development of the projects from individuals who lack time or resources for that. Our contact number, as well as email, is listed on the site and anyone interested in this kind of cooperation can file a request, and we will contact them. We will overview the documents and see whether we can help or it’s beyond our reach.


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We collaborated with many satisfied parties, and many individuals who approached us were more than happy at the end of the contract. There isn’t enough space to list all favorable comments from those that liked our work, but we can give you few examples that will paint a real picture of us.

“I had an idea that would make 3D design a lot easier, but what I lacked were the resources, time and knowledge to turn the concept into reality. I approached Feathersoft with my idea, and they accepted it. The development is in its final stages, so stay tuned for more” Says, Edward from Military Quadcopters

   “Working with Feathersoft tools is fantastic,” says Brendon, PR for 3D design company “as they know what a 3D designer needs. They create tools that complement our skills rather than trying to replace the human factor in the development. Many other groups try to do this, and they fail miserably because the human will always be a driving force behind a project.” Tom from

   “I understand how software works which gave me a couple of ideas about innovations and the only thing I needed was someone who could turn those ideas into reality. Feathersoft wasn’t the first company that I contacted, but they were only one that saw the future of my ideas” Says, Kevin from Amazon SEO.